Returned by the Sea 


濁流に 三人の子らを 救ひたまふ 野武士のごとき 目の潜水士

from the muddy stream
he saved three children for us—
a diver
with eyes wild and bloodshot
like a wandering samurai

須田 富士子 (宮城県 2011年6月)Fujiko Suda, Miyagi June 2011

Above: A diver searching for bodies and in Yuriage following the tsunami.

In the aftermath of the tsunami Japan’s Self Defense Forces immediately began looking for survivors and then a more grim task awaited divers: find the remains who did not survive. While searching for bodies on the sea bed floor divers also found the remains that made up people’s lives and recovered them and left them to dry and be identified in the Yuriage middle school gymnasium.

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