Exhibits, Press & Published Works

Above: Bali, Indonesia

Filmmaker Magazine: “Unknown Spring is both a chronicle of and testament to the Japanese people’s resilience and humanity in the face of unspeakable odds.”

Kino-eye: “Unknown Spring, is a beautifully designed and moving web documentary, a piece that creates, through its subtle weavings of images, sound, and video, a poetic and deeply felt experience of a terrible disaster. … particularly effective was its handling of scale; from the tender, heartbreaking closeups of hands cleaning precious family photographs, salvaged from the mucky remains of the tsunami, to the stark, horrifying wide shot landscapes, conveying the magnitude of this calamity.”

The Invisible Season and Unknown Spring, directed by Jake Price and awarded at the World Press Photo, have exhibited globally in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Bali, Miami, Tokyo Bologna and Bursa, Turkey amongst other countries.

As an official selection at the 52nd New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center, award winning architects Tomoko Matsushita, Ostap Rudakevych and Masayuki Sono of Cloudsao and Visakh Menon art director of The Invisible Season, designed an exhibit that consisted of a single length of translucent mesh cascading from the ceiling an immersive exhibit of abandoned areas from within the Fukushima exclusion zone was projected onto softly billowing fabric. Additional scenes from the POV supported chapter screened to a packed house during the festival.